Intern in Quantitative Trading&Data Science in Capital Markets
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Capital Markets is an area where challenging computations meet top-notch technologies in a highly competitive environment. We cover a wide range of complex issues — from forecasting changes in financial markets (prices, volatility and other parameters) to solving problems which require sophisticated modelling on large data sets. High level of competition in financial markets means we have to continuously improve our trading algorithms and strategies. To stay on top we need to navigate in the latest trends and breakthroughs in science and technology. The tasks we are facing often don’t have ready-to-use solutions and require innovative approach, collaboration, passion for knowledge and readiness to research state-of-the-art professional papers.

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  • exceptional level of understanding of mathematics, econometrics, statistics and machine learning;
  • hands-on experience with NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, SKlearn;
  • knowledge of data structures, basic programming in scripting and object-oriented languages (Python, Java, C++);
  • ability to work at least 30 hours per week.

With us you will

  • solve plenty of interesting problems on the boundary between mathematics and finance;
  • take part in all stages of development of our trading system, from market analysis and data mining to R&D of trading algorithms, backtesting and production deployment;
  • excel in numerical methods of problem solving and data approximation methods;
  • fully understand latest papers in this field and have a sense of how to improve trading strategies;
  • develop your own models and strategies from scratch;
  • use statistical tools to analyse the behavior of market participants and how it affects the market.

We offer

  • competitive compensation above market;
  • medical insurance & corporate benefits;
  • fast performance-based career progression;
  • opportunity to participate in professional conferences worldwide.
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