Head of Non Retail Workout Department
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Non Retail Workout department is accountable for:

  • formulating and implementing workout strategy
  • reporting and methology;
  • cooperation with RBI “Special Exposure Management”;
  • establishing adequate systems and controls to minimize Bank’s losses;
  • fostering end to end automation and data based decision making .

The business segemts responsibility covers Corporate (gross revenue over RUB 540 Mio) and SE Segment (gross revenue over RUB 65.7 Mio) and includes Early Workout (restructuring, strengthening of structures and collateral, moratoriums) and Late Workout (Cancellation, process during bankruptcy etc).

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Required knowledge and experience:

  • higher financial / economic education;
  • 10+ years relevant experience in senior position in financial industry, in corporate risk management, acquired in leading Russian or foreign financial institutions;
  • strategy development and implementation; comprehensive distressed assets management and debt restructuring Knowledge;
  • methodical Approach with attention to detail ensuring that insightful solutions;
  • people management;
  • cross-functional communications;
  • executive relations;
  • expertise in Finance, Legal, Project Management;
  • leadership and people management skills;
  • strong analytical skills;
  • financial planning, budget planning and execution;
  • problem Solving;
  • excellent interpersonal skills;
  • advanced oral and written communication skills, planning and organizational abilities;
  • advanced conflict resolution and negotiation skills;
  • advanced or fluent English (spoken and written);
  • must be able to work independently, handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment, and negotiate and collaborate effectively at advanced level.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Workout strategy implementation includes the following activities:
  • settlement of debt it the pre-trial order, taking into account the corporate business strategy in accordance with the standards of the Raiffeisen Group and adapted to internal needs;
  • legal support of distressed assets through judicial proceeding and bankruptcy procedures;
  • formulating and monitoring the Workout methodology, building and maintaining the efficient reporting system;
  • proactive response to possible credit portfolio quality impairment.

2. Head of Corporate Workout Department maintains deep understanding of the trends in sectors of economic activity. He/She have to build strong connections with the relevant business societies to understand the short-, mid- and long term tendencies, regulatory environment to unify all the above elements to develop the right strategies and execution engines.

3. Manages the various aspects of the annual business cycle including annual planning, budgeting, target setting, performance management, etc.

4. Develops and maintains high-performance team. Maintains up-to-date succession plan for him/herself and key team contributors.

5. Fosters automation and data-based decision making. Is overseeing this activity and is accountable for the result (possible also for the process).

What we offer:

  • high visibility role with great autonomy & high level of responsibility;
  • opportunity to work in a highly successful team and in one of top risk-management organizations within the country and within RBI-group”;
  • opportunity to bring Workout to the next level by fostering automation and data based decision making;
  • low formalism corporate culture: due to our compact structure we have great flexibility, internal communication is fast and transparent, it helps to respond quickly to changes and implement new initiatives;
  • competitive salary and excellent social package;
  • comfortable office near metro Smolenskaya.
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