Sales Trader
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Дата публикации18.09.2023
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Sales Trader

Capital Markets Sales-Trading desk is looking for a prominent enthusiast with deep product knowledge (of financial instruments) and excellent communications skills to help develop and grow active customer base in core capital markets product areas. You will be able to participate as client and product expert in creating and promoting state-of-art solutions and platforms for clients with clear focus on PnL and active client base growth.
  • Active interaction with institutional clients on capital markets products;
  • Coverage of a wide range of products (bonds, Prime Brokerage, equities, eFX, REPO&MM).
Main focus:
  • Constant contact and deep relationship establishment with bank’s institutional clients on securities market products (bonds, equities);
  • E-Trading solutions promotion;
  • Constant focus on active client base broadening;
  • Deep understanding of clients’ flow and trading style;
  • Client progress tracking in electronic tools (Jira, Confluence, dashboards);
  • Proactive collaboration with traders, product teams, developers and quants on improving product;
  • Proactive collaboration with colleagues from other departments to ensure seamless client onboarding.
  • Excellent understanding of main capital markets products (derivatives: options, swaps, forwards, futures; structured notes, bonds, equities, FX);
  • High level of responsibility;
  • Advanced English is a must;
  • Work experience in capital markets of 3 year;
  • Excellent communication and sales skills;
  • Proactive mindset.
What we offer:
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Excellent benefits (discounts on corporate products, canteen and cafe);
  • Professional training courses and conferences;
  • Opportunity to choose any computer and additional equipment.